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Wok Foods is your best partner in the Asian Food Business.

We cooperate with many of Europe’s top supermarket chains, we have a professional team and develop and deliver quality products that will strengthen their label, Asian products range and Organic products.


Organic Wheat Cup Noodle, Organic Rice Cup Noodle, Organic Thai Sweet Chili, Organic Sriracha, Organic Pho seasoning, Organic Tom Yum seasoning , Organic Vegan seasoning, Organic Konjac products.

The details are not the details.?

They make the design of products.

Certification and customers support.

The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

We are always in search of new products and innovative packaging. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure our customers a consistently high standard. Our procedures include: the study of market strategy and development, quality control, design studios and advertising applied to the food industry; after sale service.

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